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Guilt free treats | Sugar free Dessert

Still believing in old myths??Let us clear your doubts on ice cream Myth.

Myth 1. Ice cream bears no health benefits

Actually, people with diabetes and those striving to lose weight still can eat ice cream .It is really good for your health. Trust those Ice cream brands which provide you high protein, low calorie ice cream. Ice cream contains complete proteins, calcium, which strengthens human bones, and phosphorus, which our kidneys and muscles need. A lot of vitamins and dietary minerals are also there which boosts immune system. So health and scoop of ice cream go hand in hand. Don’t compromise on having a scoop of calorie free diet Ice cream.

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Myth 2. Ice cream makes you only fatter

A big myth that you can gain weight by binging on ice cream and dessert!

But today reality is different from this statement, do you know why?

Now you can have plenty of options that are healthy, sugar free, high in protein and helps in your craving and does not makes you fatter .as there are lot of entities selling similar products  might  confuse you but  you can still make a better choice only by giving more focus on  their nutrient facts, ingredients. Also a lot of entities claims that they are selling sugar free products but you need to know surcalose, maltitol, maltodextrin, and fructose are synonym of artificial sugar. Make a better choice “know what you are eating”.


Myth 3. Ice cream can cause tooth cavities

An unpleasant cold feeling on teeth when eating ice cream is only a sign of existing dental problems. Ice cream cannot cause dental decay because you swallow it immediately—it just doesn’t stay on your teeth long enough. But yes, enough of anything may lead to the problem.  Sticky sweets and candies are much more dangerous in this regard.



Myth 4. Ice cream is bad for your stomach

Earlier this statement was used by our elder but on contrary, scientists have proved something quite opposite. They have said it makes you smarter (especially when you consume it early in the morning).this cold and tasty product appears to be a good remedy in case of stomach and abdomen bleeding, also boost your immunity. Eating ice cream also is beneficial for blood pressure. And if your ice cream is sugar free, low calorie and high in protein how will it be considered as bad?



Myth 5. Ice cream is bad for immunity

 Immune system is the body’s defense against infections and hence an integral system in human body, how can anyone compromise on this? Ice cream contains nothing that would suppress immunity.

In essence, this dessert is just sugar free, no added artificial sweetener, high in protein, and low calorie. Support the immune system with gut friendly ingredients.



So it is the time to change your perception about ice cream, they are way healthier than your regular food.