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Protein ice cream India| Low carbs | Guilt free Dessert

Yes you read it correct! Ice creams are no longer considered as unhealthy. Do you know why! Let me brief you some reasons and facts that will make you believe on eating ice cream nowadays are healthy and guilt free. Dynamic behavior and needs change lead to high competition in this era. To cater Health conscious but “not to compromise on hunger and diet” kind of market, new brands are evolved and now approaching potential customers through their marketing strategies.

Now you might be having a question – “what these brands offer you?”

>Ice cream they offer are sugar free, therefore you can have a scoop of Ice cream without any guilt.

>No artificial sweetener, these brand use natural sweetener therefore no chance to gain weight.

     >High in protein. Percentage may vary from company to company. Protein in   human body is necessary because it Increases Muscle Mass and Strength, Reduces Cravings and Desire for Late-Night Snacking, Boosts Metabolism and Increases Fat Burning                                              

    >All necessary natural ingredients that satisfies your sweet tooth.

    >Low calorie “No More Counting On Calories While Enjoying Our Favorite Dessert”

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