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Keto Chocolate | Sugar free chocolates | Bean to Bar

Keto Chocolate

GoWhey Bean to Bar has been specially made for those on a Keto diet. Keeping in mind the macros and Micros. This bar will ensure that you enjoy your dessert without getting you out of Ketosis. This chocolate is very low in Net Carbohydrates and high in Fats.

Know Our Sweetener

Our chocolates are maltitol free and are sweetened with stevia and erythritol. Maltitol has a higher glycemic index as sugar. Which can result in increase in the blood sugar level and resulting in weight gain? Stevia and Erythritol are 100% Natural and helps to control blood sugar levels.

Most of the Sugar free Dark Chocolate in Indian market is filled with Maltitol or Maltodextrin which could harm more than the Dark Chocolate filled with Sugar.

Low in Carbs and High in Protein

When on keto the mantra to be followed is low carbs, moderate protein and High Fat. Our bar does the same. It has 8gm of protein per bar and has only 2.1gm net carbs and Total Fat is 17.3gm .


Our Dark Chocolate comes in 5 different flavor.

1.Our Dark chocolate 70% is the pure bliss of cocoa beans and cocoa Butter.

2.Our Hazelnut Dark chocolate 60% uses Turkish Hazelnut whereas Roasted Almond Dark chocolate 60% is filled with in house Roasted Almonds and you will enjoy every bite with the hazelnut and almond respectively.

3.Our Strawberry and Cranberry & Blueberry Dark chocolate 62% comes with American Berries to give the best taste for our Chocolate.

GoWhey Keto Chocolate tries to serve you best in your keto diet, do try our range of dark chocolate and give us your valuable feedback.