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Journey from Beans to Chocolate

Chocolate bean to bar ?

Confusing when the chocolate is connected to beans? Ever thought the Chocolate is actually made by grinding natural resource found in nature called Cocoa Beans?

The journey from cocoa tree to chocolate bar is not complex, but it requires several steps, each of which require careful treatment to get the best from the finished product.

The process begins with harvesting the Cocoa. The pods and pulp are placed into large wooden containers, where the pulp is allowed to ferment for five to seven days. During the process, the beans are turned to help them ferment more evenly. This is the first stage in developing the flavor of the chocolate. After fermentation, the next step in the process is to dry the beans. This is usually done by spreading them out into a single layer in the sun.

The next step in the process is roasting. The exact temperature and roast time are part of the chocolate maker’s and will have been worked out with careful experimentation and lots of tasting.

The cocoa nibs are ground with stone rollers until they become a paste known as cocoa mass and then tempered to make the fine Dark Chocolate.

Chocolate Bean to bar by GoWhey follows the same process to make range of Chocolates. Our Cocoa beans are harvested in Mangalore ,Karnataka.

What's GoWhey advantage over other Bean to Bar Chocolate?

Most of the Bean to Bar chocolate in India is not sugar free , if they are any they use Artificial Sweetener like Maltitol and Maltodextrin which makes them worst than sugar filled chocolate.

At GoWhey we have used Natural sweetener (Erythritol and Stevia) to make the best out from the Chocolate. Do try our Chocolate to find the difference.